Sunday, July 6, 2008

Meet the laptop you’ll use in 2015

The Compenion concept notebook, designed by Felix Schmidberger, eschews the familiar clamshell design in favor of two superbright organic LED panels that slide into place next to each other, making the notebook just three-quarters of an inch thick.

Compenion Laptop

Compenion, Laptop of the future

The Canova concept notebook from V12 Design features two touch-sensitive displays. It can be oriented as a traditional laptop for typing or writing, laid flat as a sketch pad or turned on its side as an e-reader.

Canova concept notebook

The Cario concept notebook from Anna Lopez can be carried around by its handle, positioned like an easel or placed on a car’s steering wheel. When the car’s not in motion, the Cario can project maps, video conferences and more onto the windshield.

Future Laptop Cario

Cario 2 concept notebook

* Pada pendapat aku la kan, sbenarnye aku tak berape percaya dan berharap sgt yg bentuk laptop akan berubah begitu drastik. Korang tengok jer r laptop tahun 2000 (8 tahun). Mana ada perbezaan yg ketara pun. Bentuk sama je. Touch screens, check. Faster? check. Better resolution? Check. Blazing fast and massive memory… possibly in the form of the successor to flash? Check. Radically different altogether? Nope, just same old same old only better and with more advanced software.

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hmmmm tak berapa percaya jugak.....tunggu je lah nanti...