Thursday, July 24, 2008

Intel Express Bullet Train Penang - Kulim??? (malaysia)

The ultimate solution for your Penang to Kulim commuting woes
The launching of our very own high-speed bullet trains from Penang to Kulim campus
Finally it is here! Intel Malaysia has struck a deal with the local government to build our very own high-speed bullet trains from Penang to Kulim campus. This billion-dollar project was needed to address our daily commuting woes between the two campuses and ultimately make Kulim the work place of choice.

When we did a general pulse, one of the main reason employees do not like commuting to Kulim was the nagging traffic jam on the Penang Bridge .

We gave out temporary solutions but we knew we had to solve this major issue at hand sooner or later.

As of now, only Intel employees know about these secret high-speed bullet trains which are going to run under the Penang Bridge .

Did you know construction on the PG Bridge currently under way is not only to add an extra lane on either side, but also to add-on the new high-speed train tracks?

High-speed bullet trains between Penang and Kulim in 15 minutes

Intel engaged with our counterparts in China to bring over the Maglev technology for our bullet trains.

Our bullet trains will travel at speeds exceeding 500 kilometers per hour because of its light-weight structure made out of recycled tin. It is expected to cut the commute time between the two campuses to just under 15 minutes.

The Penang campus boarding station will be built at Shinca car park and for Kulim; it will be built at the new sleek Fab888 – Intel Malaysia 's very own Fab factory, next to KM6.

All you need is to flash your badge at the security turnstile in the boarding stations to gain entry to the trains.

Creature comforts for convenience, luxury

The trains are fully equipped with the latest technology, powered by the yet-to-be launched TriMax technology.

TriMax will be the answer to mobile computing because you can connect your computers not just on land, but in the skies and underwater. The days of scanning for stray WiFi signals, hoping to get lucky will be a thing of the past.

In case you worry about safety on the trains, worry no more. All trains are equipped with life rafts and the trains can double-up as a floating pod should anything happen while crossing the straits of Penang .

By land, the trains will be shielded by a protective layer of bubble wrap should there be an emergency.

In true Intel tradition, every passenger is advised to buckle-up on their ergo seats for maximum safety.

Build for comfort and utility

Ergo-friendly seats are installed into the trains for maximum comfort. In addition to that, pillows and blankets will be provided for its passengers. To make the trains user-friendly, train-stewardesses will be deployed into the trains to serve the needs of the passengers.

Artist impression of the new sleek train, dubbed as "Intel Expresss"

Other facilities onboard the trains includes special compartments for short meetings, quick re-charging stations for cell phones and laptops, refreshment stands and a special room for power-naps, in case those 6am meetings are taking a toll on you.

Patience is the key

Intel's high-speed bullet trains are projected for completion on April 1, 2009.

Meanwhile Intelliers are advised to be patient with all the inconvenience caused and look forward to the ultimate solution to our current commuting woes.