Sunday, July 6, 2008

10 Fantastic HDR Pictures

This post covers 10 extremely beautiful and perfectly executed HDR-pictures. Some of them might look surreal, too colorful, even magic or fake, but they are not — keep in mind that they’ve all been developed out of usual photos, and not a single image is an illustration.

* klu korang nak tengok bnyk gambar cam gini lagi klik je kat gambar tuh.

HDR Photos - Dranesville Tavern

HDR Photos - A postcard for the Margarita island

HDR Photos - Los Tres Magia

HDR Photos - 871 @ Sattahip Naval Base (Thailand)

HDR Photos - Golden Gate HDR

HDR Photos - The Solitude of the Fisherman

HDR Photos - My own peace of mind - HDR by *equinoxe7 on deviantART

HDR Photos - A Mushroom with a view

HDR Photos - ECO Lake

HDR Photos - Icy Landscape