Monday, June 30, 2008


Spain coach Luis Aragones has heaped praise on man of the moment Fernado Torres after the Reds forward fired his country to the Euro 2008 title.
El Nino grabbed his second goal of the tournament and one of the most important strikes in Spain's history to claim a 1-0 win over Germany and leave Aragones to laud the 24-year-old as one of the best players in the world.

"Fernando is a great player for Liverpool and for our team and he can go anywhere because he has really extraordinary speed and he knows how to dribble," Aragones said.

"We always tell him he's a player who is so young that he can learn to do everything and there is no doubt he can be one of the best players in the world."

Many observers have expressed the opinion that Spain's success is a triumph for football and Aragones agrees with this belief, hailing his side's pass-and-move philosophy.

"I think people will look up to this Spain and how we play," said the 69-year-old, who is set to be replaced as coach by former Real Madrid boss Vicente Del Bosque.

"I said if we manage this group well, we will be champions. They are so good. I hope Spain will go on in this way," Aragones continued.

"The only thing I have to say to the manager who comes after me is to please treat them (the players) well and let them do their job.

"I have the mental strength to do it, and others may not have it."


Pedro Calvo always knew Fernando Torres would go on to become one of the world's best players. Here the Atletico Madrid youth coach reveals all in an interview with BBC Sport about the man who last night fired Spain to Euro glory.

Calvo coached Torres during his time in Atletico Madrid's youth academy and is quick to recall how special the Reds forward was - even back then.

Before Spain's Euro 2008 Group D opener against Russia, Calvo spoke to BBC Sport about his time working with the young forward and how he always believed he would go on to become a striking great.

He was one of the best players I had seen in a long time, so I was very excited when I found out I had the opportunity to coach him.
And he's the same person now as he was when he was a young boy. He continues to be a player that epitomises teamwork, humility, and goodwill. That's why he captained almost all the teams he represented. Then, as now, one of the most important aspects of his game was his pace, in addition to his composure in front of goal. When most young players, around the age of 13, would get nervous at the crucial moment, Fernando would excel.

I always knew he'd make it as a professional. I never had any doubts. In fact, I still have an article that was published in the newspaper Marca when we were about to compete in the European tournament after winning the Under-14 Spanish Championship title. We had a young team with many boys who later became world-famous players and I had always said that if Fernando continued to progress he would achieve similar success. Fernando had great leadership qualities on and off the pitch. Sometimes footballers learn from their experiences and grow in maturity. Others put their ego first but this was never the case with Fernando. If he didn't play because of injury, other players missed him. He was often the difference on the pitch, the one who could change the course of a game with his skill and vision.

He always led the line. And he always took the penalties. That was his speciality but free-kicks were never his forte. He always took responsibility when there was a penalty but everyone agreed that he was the best person to take them. They trusted him. Furthermore, he would always help others on the pitch, encouraging his teammates, and impressing his determined attitude and mentality on the team.

Arsenal Torres

Fernando's family has always been very close to him, helping him through good and bad times and he has always been surrounded by coaches, such as myself or Abraham Garcia, the current coach of Atletico Madrid B. We have always tried to guide him in the right direction. Fernando always accepted help and advice. He analysed everything we told him in order to make the right decisions. And he has always been a very intelligent player, always level-headed when it came to making important decisions.

Because I know him both on a personal and professional level, I think the English league, above the Italian and Spanish leagues, was the best choice for Fernando. So I'm not surprised as to how quickly he has adapted. I think that some Atletico fans assumed he would take a little more time to settle. Even in England I don't think people expected him to start as well as he has. But I think Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez is still expecting a lot more from Fernando in years to come. He's obviously helped him adapt quickly and he doesn't have the same sort of responsibility that he held at Atletico, like being named captain when he was only 18, and carrying the weight of an entire club on his shoulders. Fernando is an incredible player with the potential to change the face of football. I believe that he will continue to improve and go on to achieve even greater success.


Fernando Torres has issued a heartfelt 'thank-you' to LFC and its followers for helping him become a European champion.

El Nino scored the winning goal as Spain won their first trophy since 1964 on Sunday – an achievement he insists would not have been possible without the support of the Red half of Merseyside during the last year.

He said: "It is a dream come true and now we have a place in European history, so it is very special.

"It is my first major title but I hope it will be the first of many because I want to win many more titles with Liverpool and Spain.

"I would like to thank the staff and players at Liverpool for their support during Euro 2008 because it makes a real difference when you know you have the backing of the people of your club. Because of this they share in our success.

"I have had a wonderful first season at Anfield and the goals I scored for Liverpool gave me the confidence and belief I needed for the Euros. Again, I would like to thank Rafa and his staff because I have improved as a player thanks to them.

"But it isn't just the people at the club who have helped me, it is also the supporters and the people of the city.

"From the moment I first came to Liverpool I have been made to feel welcome and that is why I am able to enjoy my football so much.

"It is incredible because the Liverpool fans have given me so much support and I know that they have even been supporting Spain. This is something I will never forget and I thank everyone for that.

"Now I am looking forward to competing for trophies with the Reds because I know that means so much to the club and the fans."

Torres - along with countrymen Alvaro Arbeloa, Xabi Alonso and Pepe Reina - will now be given three weeks' rest before returning to Melwood for pre-season training.

Eighteen members of Rafa Benitez's squad returned today, with more set to follow over the next week.


Rafa Benitez has spoken of his pride after Fernando Torres confounded his critics to fire Spain to their first major honour since 1964.

The Liverpool boss admits certain sections of the Spanish press were critical of the striker's performances in Euro 2008.

However, El Nino's winning goal against Germany on Sunday night has made him a national hero – and Benitez believes the strike will be talked about for decades to come.

He told "I am very proud, especially after he has been criticised from some journalists in Spain.

"Everyone remembers the Marcelino goal from 44 years ago, and the last final Spain were in was 24 years ago. Now people will talk about Torres in the same way."

Benitez watched the goal from the comfort of his sofa, from where he was in no doubt the best team won.

"Spain played well. For 10 minutes at the start of each half Germany were pressing, but after that Spain controlled the game," he said.

"The first goal changed the game. After that Metzelder pushed forward and Torres was left one versus one. Spain could play on the counter and that was important.

"They had three or four players in the middle with real quality and played good football."

Torres and Spanish counterparts Alvaro Arbeloa, Xabi Alonso and Pepe Reina will now be given three weeks' rest before returning to Melwood ahead of the new campaign.

Mari berkawan

Adakah anda tahu hubungan antara 2 biji mata anda ??

Mereka berkedip bersama..... ......,
Bergerak bersama..... .....,

Menangis bersama..... ......,
Melihat bersama dan......... .,
Tidur bersama..... .....

Meskipun mereka tidak pernah melihat antara satu sama lain.....

PERSAHABATAN seharusnya seperti itu......... ....
Kehidupan akan berasa KOSONG tanpa KAWAN............ .

Hari ini adalah MINGGU KAWAN SEDUNIA............
Siapa kawan anda ?? Cuba pandang ke kanan dan kiri anda.....

Lihat berapa banyak daripada mereka yg memandang anda smula,
Jika anda mendapat lebih drpd 3.....

Itu bermakna anda adalah seorang "KAWAN YANG PENYAYANG.."

Kita kawan kan ?????

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weird & Wonderful

Ini ada gambar pelik2 utk tatapan kengkawan sume.....
yg terbaik aku taruk last skali.


Ingatlah..jika dimarah kamu DIAM..

jika difitnah kamu SENYUM..

jika dikeji kamu KETAWA..

nescaya dgn berbuat demikian, kamu tergolong orang2 yang ..




APABILA telah menempuh alam rumah tangga untuk satu jangka masa yang lama, pastinya belaian dan sentuhan manja pasangan suami isteri semakin pudar sedikit demi sedikit. Si dia tidak lagi memerhatikan pasangan ketika berjalan masuk ke kamar.

Atau, sejak kebelakangan ini, si dia asyik menonton perlawanan bola sepak tanpa mengerjakan hal-hal lain, sehinggakan segala permintaan yang dipinta tidak dipedulikan.

Sekiranya sudah sampai ke tahap sedemikian, tibalah masanya untuk kamu melakukan sesuatu, demi mempertahankan keutuhan rumah tangga, sekali gus dapat meningkatkan keintiman kamu bersama.

Intim minggu ini berkongsi tip bagaimana caranya untuk menyegarkan keintiman dalam melayari alam perkahwinan dengan mencalit secubit rasa cemburu kepada si dia.

Hari pertama: Cermin diri

Terokai bayangan diri kamu menerusi cermin. Bilakah hari terakhir kamu ke salon kecantikan atau menukar stail rambut? Buat temu janji dengan pakar kecantikan untuk mengubah dan mereka gaya rambut terkini, lulur badan serta membuat rawatan pedicure dan manicure.

Ingat, tiada siapapun yang akan mencemburui diri kamu sekiranya berani berpenampilan versatil dan vouge.

Hari kedua: Manjakan diri

Ingin menjadi wanita dambaan lelaki? Sekiranya jawapanya 'ya', laburkan wang simpanan demi kebahagiaan kamu dan pasangan. Belilah sepasang sepatu hitam dan kenakan baju rekaan terkini. Biarpun harganya murah dan tiada jenama, asalkan bergaya.

Luangkan masa membeli-belah pakaian dalam yang bercorak luar biasa, tetapi jangan terlalu menggoda.

Ketika kamu pulang ke rumah, letakkan barangan yang dibeli itu di tempat yang tersembunyi dan kamu tidak perlu membuka satu persatu barangan yang dibeli di hadapannya. Bagi membangkitkan suasana romantis, biarkan sedikit renda pakaian dalam terkeluar daripada bungkusannya.

Jangan sesekali bercerita tentang barangan tersebut ketika si dia tiba di rumah. Malah, kenakan pakaian dalam pada hari pertama anda membelinya. Biar si dia terkejut dengan penampilan anda di malam hari.

Hari ketiga: Berhibur dengan teman wanita

Hindari daripada membuang masa di rumah berseorangan. Cipta suatu hobi agar kamu menjadi seorang wanita yang terlalu sibuk. Bergaul dengan teman-teman yang si dia tidak kenali di luar rumah. Buatlah sesuatu agar si dia tahu anda seorang wanita paling bahagia sekiranya tanpa dia di sisi.

Hari keempat: Luangkan masa ke gimnasium

Pastikan bahawa pusat gimnasium yang dihadiri itu dibuka untuk pasangan lelaki dan perempuan. Di depannya, sebut sepintas lalu beberapa nama teman lelaki yang ada di sana dan bagaimana mereka lakukan senaman.

Beritahu kepadanya betapa kamu menghargai usaha yang dilakukan mereka untuk memiliki tubuh yang mantap.

Hari kelima: Timbulkan rasa tanda tanya

Sekiranya kamu sudah selesai menjalani rutin harian di rumah seperti memasak, mandi dan berdandan, jangan lupa menikmati makan malam nan indah bersamanya. Jika dia memuji masakan kamu, jangan tunjukkan bahawa anda terkejut dengan pujiannya itu.

Hari keenam: Manfaat jiran tetangga

Untuk mengembalikan hubungan yang semakin pudar, minta bantuan daripada jiran tetangga untuk memperbaiki barangan dapur elektrik yang rosak di kediaman kamu. Pastikan jiran kamu itu masih berada di sekitar kamu ketika si dia datang menghampiri. Cara ini sememangnya mencabar keupayaan si dia sekali gus membuktikan bahawa kamu amat memerlukan bantuan daripada si dia berbanding jiran.

Hari ketujuh: Cukup setakat itu sahaja

Jika kamu benar-benar mencintainya, tidak perlu lagi kamu berusaha bermati-matian semata-mata untuk melukai hatinya. Cukuplah kamu menguji keimanannya selama seminggu agar ia tidak memberi kesan mendalam terhadap perhubungan.

Kadang-kadang, perbicaraan dari hati ke hati adalah medium komunikasi paling berkesan dalam menyegarkan alam perkahwinan. Katakan kepadanya, dialah cinta pertama dalam hidup kamu dan tiada siapapun yang dapat menandinginya. Lelaki inginkan dirinya dihargai dan dipuji walaupun tidak selalu.

Andai kamu mempunyai kematangan secara emosional, seksi, tolak ansur dan penuh kasih sayang, tiada alasan untuknya tidak mahu berdampingan dengan kamu pada setiap masa.

* ini sebagai panduan je.