Sunday, July 6, 2008

Robot2 baru dipasaran

Rovio Wi-Fi Robot

Possibly the most exciting member of WowWee’s 2008 new product line, the Rovio is a mobile robotic web camera with omnidirectional movement ability thanks to its unique tri-wheel design. The most exciting feature of Rovio is that it incorporates the incredible Northstar technology. Northstar is a system that creates a microi-GPS system for your home, allowing the Rovio to navigate your home with pinpoint accuracy. With Northstar Rovio always knows exactly where it is and where you want it to go next.

Rovio Wi-fi Robot

Rovio Wi-fi Robot

You can view and interact with the environment in Rovio by its streaming video and audio on his neck-mounted integrated digital camera of your own living room - or anywhere in the world - on the Internet, with access to Internet any device like a mobile phone Telephone, video, game console or PC.

With the help of North Star navigation software, Rovio functions as a micro-GPS system, Rovio knows where he is, locates the positions of other objects, and with its environment sailing under their control.

Rovio Robot Features:
- Easy to install & easy to use software
- Keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world
- NorthStar Navigation System
- Built-in rechargeable battery
- 3 omni-directional wheels
- 1 VGA cmos sensor
- LED for night time illumination
- 1 speaker
- Built in microphone
- USB connectivity
- Wi-Fi connectivity

System Requirements:
- PC compatible computer with a minimum Pentium 3 Processor or equivalent
- Windows XP or Vista operating systems
- 256MB RAM
- USB connectivity
- Wireless Access Point (WAP) device connected to your PC (for example wireless router)
- Hi-speed internet connection
- Internet explorer 6 or higher (required for two way audio feature)

I, Robot - EMA

This is the new robot toy called “Ema” released by Sega Toys which stands for Eternal Maiden Actualization. It can dance, it can sing and it can walk like a pretty lady. The best of all, Ema can kiss you.
Sega Robot

* Tak sabar rasanyer nak tunggu diaor cipta robot yg kita bleh kontrol sendiri cam Gundam ataupun Evangaleon. Mesti best punyer klu bawak gi opis. Nak parking pun senang.