Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Boycott Mafia Wars for 24 Hours - Tonight at Midnight EST

A fellow mafia member invited me to join the group Boycott Mafia Wars for 24 Hours - Tonight at Midnight EST , i have and i tend to agree with what they say, one of my own veiw is that zynga have spent the whole year messing with our game play ,we are the players who found our own way of playing the game once we had marsted the basics, lots of us started our own clans and took the game to the next level of war with other clans so you see over the last year zynga have really killed the game off , and many everyday players have now reduced their time they spend playing the game. zynga,s loss

the link below will take you to Boycott Mafia Wars for 24 Hours - Tonight at Midnight EST


This is a group created to send Zynga a message from as many of its customers as possible. Stop playing Mafia Wars for ONE DAY. Sometimes the loudest sound you can make to be heard is absolute silence!

The Boycott begins TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT.

Zynga claims to have fixed Mafia Wars last night, and this morning there are already thousands of posts to their forums about the new things that they have managed to break.

I know how addicting the game is. I know how much we all enjoy it. But the truth of the matter is, the new fighting scheme sucks, the new loot system sucks, pages not loading sucks, people losing inventory and points, people unable to log in and play at all for days.

It's time to send Zynga a message. Walk away for one full day. Tell every one you know, and invite them to this group. Hit them in the ad wallet, where it will get their attention. You can do it. You can live without Mafia Wars for ONE DAY. At the very worst, in 24 hours, you can go back to the game and have full stamina, hit points and an energy pack waiting for you. And at the very least, if Zynga sees a sudden and significant drop in game play, maybe somebody over there will get a clue and fix this mess.

Please join me in a one day boycott, beginning tonight at midnight EST and continuing until tomorrow at midnight EST. How else are we going to get their attention when they don't answer support tickets?

Make your opinion count. Leave their lousy product alone for one day.


Many of the clans that make up Mafia Wars are boycotting for the next 24 hours. The Elders have not had an opportunity to vote on this so there is no clan recommendation. Each of us should make the decision that is best for ourselves.

This from one of our allies

Tommy Noel December 12 at 11:34pm Reply
As of Midnight Eastern standard time tonight, we will be boycotting Mafia Wars.. meaning we will not play the game, nor will anyone be buying Godfather points from them. I for one am in total agreement of this move as they have taken the game and changed it to the advantage of Energy players and don't seem to have any regards to the players that have spent loads of money on weapons and skill points to be able to up their att/defense stats. They also seem to be looking for ways to eliminate any kind of attacking through links and by removing robbing eliminated a large portion of what we built our att/def stats for in the first place.

I respectfully ask that all members of [BDM] join in on this boycott and not play for this 24 hour period.. Finish what you have to do and as of 12:00 Eastern time find other things to do to fill your time. I recommend Mob Wars.. It's more challenging and is still a fun game. It will give you a start to a new game and fill the Mafia wars void for the duration.

Thanks in advance for cooperating in this matter.

Enclosed is a link to a site where over 55,000 tagged Mafia Wars players have chosen to join in on this effort.

Thanks again,

Tommy Noel
[BDM] Big Dog Mafia [BDM]



Bozzo rasa pon hangin gak kat zynga...apahal plak buat cam gitu. Bozzo bersengkang mata main game nih hari-hari. Penat-penat naikkan attack ngan defence alih-alih dia buat gitu. Rugila. Pastu bleh cancelkan random loot dari fights. Mana best nak main gitu. Mana nak kumpul cannonazo sampai 500 bijik. Cis. Zynga tak adil langsung. Pilih kasih. Jangan harapla aku nak habiskan duit kad kredit aku beli godfather points ko lagi...


.::WaNiE::. said...

mmg sudah mula meninggalkan mw walaupun baru jek 16+ level huhuhu

bozzobattousai said...

bozzo boykot 24 jam je...pastu main blik...sekarang nih pon dah gian dah...