Friday, October 16, 2009

10 Toys You Can't Afford

1. Swarovsky Crystal Studded Etch a Sketch

AT $1,500 it's not as expensive as the other glittery toys below, but it still begs the question…why? Only a dozen of these Etch-a-Sketches featuring 14,400 Swavorsky crystals were made.

2. Diamond Studded Barbie
As if Barbie doesn't have enough bling, now she comes with diamonds. That's right . Nothing is too good for Babs as she sports160 diamonds and miniature white gold jewelry. I'm guessing this one won't be storied in Barbie's Town House. Interested? This dolly doesn't come cheap. She'll run you about $85,000.

3. Cold Fusion Yo-Yo
Though this yo-yo originally retailed for about $150. it was sold at auction for $16,000! Cold Fusion is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, features a ball-bearing axle and a brake pads for quick response.
4. Baltic Amber Chess Set
This $25,000 chess set features Christians on one side and Muslims on the other. The pieces are carved from genuine amber and the board is made from "expensive wood." Whatever that means.
5. Sidney Mobell Monopoly Set
Sidney Mobell's $2 million Monopoly set features 23K gold houses and is studded with rubies, diamonds and sapphires. Somehow I don't think they'll be selling this one at Toys R Us.

6. Hello Kitty, Goodbye Credit Card
Honestly, I don't get this whole Hello Kitty thing. What's the big deal? Here's one for the serious collector. This Hello Kitty is worth $161,000 and contains a ruby studded ribbon with sapphire, diamond, brown diamond, amethyst, topaz and quartz.
7. Ferrari Go Cart
That $300 battery powered Hummer you told your kid he can't have because it's too expensive might look a lot more affordable after this. The $50,000 Ferrari Go Cart from FAO Schwartz. The cart features . a 7-foot-long fiberglass body, rack-and-pinion steering, four-wheel disc brakes, three-speed transmission (including reverse), rubber tires and full suspension plus luxurious leather seats. At $50,000 it costs more than my car.
8. 23 Carat Hot Wheels
This 23-carat jewel encrusted Hot Wheels retails for $140,000. Not sure why you would want one of these but if you're rich and bored you'll probably fine a reason to own one. It's considered the most expensive toy car in the world.
9. Most Expensive Ball in the World
You can't toss this one around on the front lawn. This gold and diamond bauble is worth $1.29 million!

10. Neiman Marcus M. & Mrs. Potato Head
Ok. This is carrying things a bit too far. There is no reason anyone should pay $9,000 for a gem-encrusted Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head. The pair is covered in 23,000 Swarovski crystals in 14 different colors.. They're pretty darn ugly to boot.
*keep in mind all of those toys above were in dollars and pound...kat negara kita nih agak-agak ada ke yang mampu beli?


.::WaNiE::. said...

hehehe nak beli toys untuk anak buah pun aku pastikan tak lebih 70..kalau lebih tu dah pikir 88x dah hahaha.. ni lagi nak beli mr potato dengan harga semahal itu..

idok le teman !! hahaha

bozzobattousai said...

sama la ngan aku...