Thursday, January 14, 2010

Victory - Lotus Ravenmoore defeated!

In the Undead Plane, you are no match for me. My powers are ten-fold here.

Lotus disappears with the snapping sound again. Which direction will she come from? From your previous skirmish you've gained a better sense of her evil energy. From the right! You duck under the slash from the right hand side. Wait! Something doesn't feel right. Another slash from above. Before you can think, you lunge forward to try to avoid another blow.

Burning pain! The scythe opens up a wound in your upper thigh. The pain is almost unbearable and feels as if fire is eating away at you. The cleric quickly murmurs a magical hymn and a soothing light envelops your wound. The pain becomes bearable but it looks like the evil energy from the Scythe is preventing the wound from being completely healed.

Where did that second strike come from? It seems like the Undead Plane has made Lotus even more powerful than your previous encounter.

Lotus: My death scythe, Onslaught, draws its power from the lost souls in the Undead Plane. Any living being caught in its path will feel the agony of the dead spirits.

Lotus prepares for her next attack. You brace yourself for the inevitable attack. Your leg feels weak. Will it be possible to dodge her next attack? If you stay on the defensive, it will surely be the end of you. You devise a quick plan and ask Paladin Elvin to cast Smite on Lotus while you keep her occupied.

Lotus again disappears. Which direction will she come from? You must rely on your instinct. She's coming from above. Rather than dodge the scythe, you quickly spin around and trap the scythe's blade in between your two hands. Lotus's strength is overwhelming!

You: Quick Elvin! Cast it now!

Elvin casts Smite on Lotus. Lotus recoils in pain. You see your opening and yank Onslaught from Lotus's hands. The scythe is incredibly heavy but you swing it with all your might. The scythe pierces Lotus and she lets out a deathly scream. She dissipates into the air with a brilliant flash of light. When you open your eyes, you're no longer in the Undead Plane.

What do Kiera, Lotus and Mephistopheles have to do with one another?

*Castle Age - bozzo mengambil masa 49 jam dan dibantu oleh 12 orang clan members yang baik hati untuk menghapuskan Lotus...thanks you guys...nanti bozzo will return the favor...